Life is great, but when was the last time when you explored new ideas? When did you tried something you liked to do, but you thought it was not possible or you are not capable? Our own conscience is holding us back - telling us that we can't do - or what we should not try. So what do we you lose if we try new things? Honestly, we win – we win the experience and passion of something new and if it does not feel good we change again. I did not paint, write or work on creative ideas in the past years. Now I explored new skills and continuously learning new technics. Since I am doing new things and it feels good and every day I am getting a little bit better.

Close your eyes and let your mind explore new things to do!



Everybody can be creative - our mind is constantly creating new ideas and thoughts. We learned during our education to ignored and control our creative mind. Dreaming and thinking was not in focus, it was perceived as beeing not present. We concentrated on tasks given to us, we focus on getting work done and we constantly running without a break or a possibility to recharge. Be mindful and give your mind the time to think and recharge your own battery. Think out of the boundaries we created and instead of running go slow - take one step after the other and you will see you reach your goal faster than running.


You have 3 pounds of power in your skull called the brain. This gives you the possibility to think and be mindful. Mindfulness is a state of active, open focus on the current status, the current time and the current environment you are in. Use your brain power to define what you want to be, want to create, want to change and want to leave for others to experience. Take a mindful step and transform yourself and after you did this take the courage to try new things - change the status you - transform yourself!


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